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Tourists Told "No Worries" as Glass Walkway Cracks in China

what are you so afraid of?

I've got a bad case of wanderlust, yet there are some things even I won't do in the name of sightseeing and worldly adventure. Namely, bridges and walkways made out of glass like the one recently erected in Henan Province, China - which just so happened to crack a bit the other day while tourists were standing on it.

Not only is the path made of thickened glass, it is suspended at around 1,080 meters, or 3,543 feet over a gorge. 

One of the brave souls on the walkway at the time was Lee Dong Hai:

“I was almost at the end and suddenly I heard a sound. My foot shook a little. I looked down and I saw that there was a crack in the floor," he wrote on social media site, Weibo.

“A lot of people started to scream. I screamed out, 'It cracked! It really cracked!' and then I pushed the people in front of me so that we could run out of the way."

Turns out, someone had dropped a stainless steel mug on the path, causing three layers of glass to crack. But a spokesperson claimed at no point was anyone in real danger. 

And yet the tourist attraction, which only opened last month, is closed until further notice. So you have to wonder just how safe it is.

Apparently the same happened at Chicago's Willis Tower last year, but officials claim a little bit of cracking is harmless and doesn't mean the entire structure will fall apart forthwith.

Glass walkways and bridges are really big in China, with several already in existence and more in the works. 

To this, I say a resounding, 'Thanks, but no thanks.' I won't even set so much as set a baby toe on the tiny glass floor at the CN Tower. Not because I fear it will crack and I will plunge to my untimely death - although there is that, too - but mostly because the vertigo is unbearable. 

Yes, I am a complete and utter chickenshit when it comes to heights and spiders. The extent of my chickenshitness is such that I don't even want to watch footage of the glass walkway in China. 

But you can be my guest...


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