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Viral Photo Speaks Volumes About the way we Live

Are you guilty of being an observer?

John blanding viral photograph

Every now and then a photograph is released into the world and unwittingly becomes symbolic of its era.

One such photograph has probably already popped up in your news feed. In an audience of red-carpet gawkers, only one person is truly living in the moment. 

It's like a game of 'Where's Waldo,' only a whole lot easier to spot the odd one out because she's in the front row.

The image was taken at a Massachusetts premiere for the movie Black Mass. But really, it could have been Anywhere, Circa 2015. 

We have become a nation of observers. Too often, we observe our own lives through the narrow lens of a smartphone. Whether we are at a concert or a play or a friend's party - or in this apt case, a movie premiere - we experience life once removed. 

We are the directors of our own life story, capturing our finest moments on screen. But shouldn't we be soaking up those moments as they happen? 

We all want souvenirs and mementos of the sweet times we've had and we all want to share those moments with our social media circles. Fine, yet all that recording and documenting shouldn't come at a cost. It shouldn't limit or curb the quality of our experience. 

And sadly I think that often happens, whether we are preoccupied with filming our baby's 'firsts' or our kids' all-important sporting match or any other special occasion.

John Blanding, the photographer, did in this photo what all great photographers do. He held up a mirror to the world. And he said so much, without saying a thing. 

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