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Teen Designs Game-Changing Stroller

Mobility Challenge - Solved

For most of us, life without use of our limbs is unthinkable. Now imagine the extra challenges of mobility for a parent in a wheelchair.

Sharina Jones lost the use of her legs when she was shot at just five years-old. Thirty years on, she was about to become a mother. 

And she had no idea how she would manage to get around with her baby. After all, she couldn't push both a stroller and her wheelchair at the same time. Or could she?

It was a logistical quandary that a Detroit teen decided to tackle. 

High schooler Alden Kain worked with Jones, and six months later, an awesome prototype was born that will change her life as a mom in the best possible way.

“It was great to meet her and talk to her about what she wants and doesn’t want,” said Kain. “Talking to her was a big help, figuring out the workability of the device, where to put a diaper bag, whether or not she could unhook the stroller and how she can move around in the chair.” 

The design marries the wheelchair with a standard infant car seat, and allows Jones to see and interact with her baby while she's on the move. For parents with physical disabilities, this hybrid seat is a game-changer. 

Like the best inventions, the stroller-chair seems so obvious and simple - now that someone has designed it.

“It was extremely exciting and rewarding to see Sharina using it,” said 16 year-old Kain.

Anyone questioning the contributions of teenagers to society need only look to this video. Need is all around us. Kids see the world with fresh eyes. They see solutions that we can't. 

We need to take our kids' abilities more seriously; seriously.

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