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Pharmacist Doles Out Unusual Children's Prescription

Repeat if needed

Monster Spray

Is your child afraid of the dark? Are there monsters lurking under the bed or hiding in the recesses of his closet that make sleep a terrifying prospect? 

If so, you may just want to head to your local Shoppers Drug Mart where a friendly pharmacist can prescribe your kiddo just the antidote needed.

It worked like a treat for a dad in Sooke, B.C., whose pharmacy was only too happy to print out an official-looking prescription sticker for the fictitious "monster spray" bottle he supplied. 

With a 100% effective rate, the spray is to be administered as follows:

"Spray around bedroom at night before bedtime and repeat if needed."

The photo racked up a lot of likes on Reddit, but it seems "monster spray" has been around for a while, in various formats.

Even better if the spray happens to smell of comforting lavender essence. 

So I'm going to head down to my local pharmacist and see if they can prescribe a spray that will keep all those grown-up monsters (debt, ISIS, cancer, federal election, etc) at bay.

While she's at it, might as well through in spiders and snakes, too... Couldn't we all use a good night's sleep?

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