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New Apple Watch Monitors Fetal Heartbeat

the brave new world of prenatal tech

Here's a gadget guaranteed to get your heart racing faster than a FitBit. Apple has teamed up with medical tech company AirStrip and and Sense4Baby, a home fetal ultrasound monitoring system, to create a watch that can detect your heartbeat - and your baby's - remotely.

Though this kind of technology has been available since 2004, it has only been used in hospitals and medical settings.

Now data, like heart rates, blood pressure and weight, can be easily transmitted to your doctor while you lay on the couch sipping your ginger tea (OK - who am I kidding - wolfing down an entire box of ginger cookies in one sitting). And all this mass of data can be easily tracked and compared.

With this new gadget you would no longer have to waddle to and from prenatal check-ups, which is especially great news for expectant moms who live in Timbuktu or for those with risky conditions like pre-eclampsia that require frequent monitoring.

Cool, right? Well, yes and no. 

Fetal heart rate monitoring is stressful enough as it is. Would being able to hear your baby 24/7 at the push of a button actually make you more relaxed and serene - or simply more paranoid? 

With any technology, there is an inherent risk that at some point it just. won't. work. How far would you trust the newfangled gizmo on your wrist?

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