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Boyfriend Finds Amusing Way to Survive IKEA Visit

Undeniably puntastic

man entertains himself with IKEA puns

Trips to IKEA can make or break a relationship. Just ask Simon Gilmore, who came up with a hysterical way to survive a recent visit to the store with his live-in girlfriend, Donna. 

The Aussie's knack for delivering the most droll puns out of IKEA product names have lent him legend status. The YouTube clip, viewed more than 5million times, is pure comedy gold. 



Though Donna becomes increasingly less TOLERANT, even she can't help but smirk her way through various attempts to get her boyfriend to stop.

Even the Australian branch of IKEA was impressed by Simon's playful linguistics:


We salute you, Simon! You are the BESTÅ at IKEA puns!

Posted by IKEA Australia on Monday, August 24, 2015


I feel for Simon. Many a good man has perished after being dragged along to the Swedish furniture giant. My own husband suffered PTSD following the purchase and install of our IKEA kitchen a couple years ago. And let's not even talk about assembly... He has not set foot inside the store parking lot since, as the memory would surely be triggering.

And not a week seems to go by without some IKEA-related recall. Still, the organizing freak in me still can't help but admire their multitude of affordable storage options.

And on that note, Donna, I must go. I've consumed too much coffee this morning and my BLADIS full.

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