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The Poem That Will Turn Your Bad Day Around

The power of a well-chosen line break

viral poem on Twitter

Are you having one of those days? Me, too, as a matter of fact. But I know just the thing to cheer you up: a poem with the opening line "Today was the absolute worst day ever." 

Wait, what?  

The so-called "bad day" poem spreading like wildfire on social media reads like a gloomy manifesto at first glance. But it's the little surprise that awaits at the end that is guaranteed to nip you in the butt and turn that frown upside down. 

Like most good things on offer online, the poem was stumbled upon in a London pub, but the poet responsible for penning it is believed to come from across the Pond - a high schooler from New York called Chanie Gorkin. "Chanie Gorkin is an 11th grader at an all girls' high school in Brooklyn, NY," says the teen's profile on where the poem is published. "She enjoys writing and music." 

All I can say is, Thank you, Chanie, for the perspective. 

You'd better hurry and get little number inscribed on coaster sets and T-shirts and even those tacky lawn tapestries everywhere because I'd buy one for the simple reminder:

To live each day 
With hope and
Gratitude - 

And also because... 
Who knew 
Line breaks 
Could be
So incredibly clever.
Image Source: Twitter
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