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4 Reasons Why Breastfeeding in Public is "Simply Absurd"

Don't Nurse in Public; But Please Show Your Boobs

breastfeeding in public debate

Pity the fool who thinks it's cool to breastfeed in public. Blogger Kristina Kuzmic has some seriously tongue in cheek reasons why you shouldn't boob-feed your babe beyond your own four walls. 

“I always found it hilarious that sometimes the people who gave me dirty looks for breastfeeding in public - with a cover, mind you! - were the same people who were dressed in a way that exposed more skin than I ever exposed,” said Kuzmic. 

Kuzmic has a particular knack for pointing out the inherent absurdity of arguments against public breastfeeding, which she breaks down in her video.

1. "It's offensive and inappropriate. We don't live in a society where it's OK to just show part of your breast or cleavage in public."  

No, of course we don't. Only 365 days a year. You'd think breasts existed for some purpose other than turning people on 

2. "Even if we use one of those breastfeeding covers, it's not guaranteed that the baby won't, like, push it off. And then what? Your breast could be exposed for, like, a second ... or two seconds."  

You will. traumatize. someone. Picture mass panic in the streets, people shielding their eyes and running from an alien-like mammary gland. What's the alternative, asks Kuzmic, eating with a cover over your head? Because that's perfectly comfy and not at all claustrophobic. 

3. "Women who breastfeed in public aren't doing it because their babies are actually hungry. No. They're just trying to seduce your husbands with their milk-filled, leaking, engorged breasts."


4. "We're moms. We don't need to go out in public. We gave up that right when we started popping out babies. We don't need to go shopping or eat out or have a social life. Nowadays everybody delivers. Just Amazon Prime it."  

There's no good reason why breastfeeding moms should expect to live a normal life. I mean, imagine. Exhibitionists! 

So Kuzmic has some straight up advice for you. If you happen to be breastfeeding, "put your boobs away, ladies ... unless they're dairy free, then show 'em off." 

Anything you'd add to that list?

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