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Bespectacled Babe Wins the Internet

I can see clearly now...

baby gets glasses and sees clearly for first time

Prepare for cuteness overload.

If ever there was a case to be made for early eye exams, it's this one.

It was only when Piper showed difficulty crawling that her parents discovered their baby daughter was extremely farsighted. Meaning she had never properly seen the faces of her mom and dad - or anyone else for that matter.

No wonder this video of Piper has gone viral faster than you can say, Ahhhhh.


Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her. Her reaction :) melts my heart

Posted by Jessica Sinclair on Saturday, June 6, 2015

Her mom Jessica Sinclair claims the Cincinnati family had just picked up the new glasses and gone out to eat. This is effectively Piper's first time seeing clearly.

"Her reaction melts my heart," Sinclair wrote on her Facebook post. Yes, mama, you and everyone else in possession of a heartbeat.

You might just want to put this one on loop to get you through your Monday. 

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