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#DontJudgeChallenge Gets Beauty All Wrong

shaming the ugly duckling

#DontJudgeChallenge Gets Beauty All Wrong

Teens love a challenge in the name of social media. Though well-intentioned, some experiments - like the #DontJudgeChallenge - miss the mark. 

In the videos, users film themselves "disguised" as "ugly:" with acne, thick eyebrows, or bad teeth. In the next frame, the ugly duckling magically reveals itself to be a good-looking swan. See, don't judge me. I was beautiful all along...

So much for acceptance. These videos simply serve to reinforce existing beauty standards and ridicule those who genuinely possess perceived "ugly" traits (that can't be wiped off with a cloth).

As it turns out, #DontJudgeChallenge is merely an exercise in vanity and preening for the already beautiful.

Where #DontJudge fails, #BeautyInAllChallenge succeeds, with users bravely photographing so-called "imperfections." 

True empowerment comes from the likes of America's Top Model Tyra Banks posting "naked" selfies, without a spot of makeup or camera filters.

You only need look at Em Ford to see just how far we have to go as a society to shed our shallowness. The popular 'My Pale Skin' makeup vlogger recently shared a video entitled “You look disgusting” in which she revealed what happened when she took off her makeup. 

Before: beautiful. After: hideous.   

When will we learn that beauty doesn't come in a jar? But ugly can - and does - come in a tweet.