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Fight Club... For Children

Because Kids Deserve Ultraviolent Cult Classics too

Now your kids can enjoy Fight Club just like you did.

You've gotta give Chuck Palahniuk his props. The author of the 1996 cult classic and insanely violent Fight Club has found a wicked way to bring his work to the younger set - younger, as in the picture book crowd. 

In this video for Mashable, Palahniuk reads the new and improved Fight Club 4 Kids, rebranded for the tots as "horsing around." 

Of course every now and then the writer gets a little, shall we say, carried away by his own material and lapses into a tirade of motherf*cking bleeps. 

For anyone who thought Go The F*ck to Sleep/Eat was hysterical, sit back and relish the cartoon version, particularly of Jared Leto's character being beaten into a beetroot.
Maybe Horsing Around Club could be part of a series. After all, Game of Thrones has already been spoofed as Goodnight Westeros... And A Clockwork Orange could do with a revamp.

This fan girl is just waiting on Ed Norton and Tyler Durden (aka Brad Pitt) to emerge from the Beverly Hills woodwork and lend their voices to the feature animation. Now that would be something!

Favourite Fight Club moment? And go...