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"Odd Mom Out" is "Sex and the City" for Moms

Parenting just got Brutally honest


Have you heard? Bravo has a new, scripted comedy series for parents. Imagine Sex and the City but with moms instead of singletons. 

Although I missed the first episode, if the "super trailer" is any indication, Odd Mom Out looks like a fun satire of upper crust motherhood in New York.

Produced and acted by Jill Kargman - and based on her own book, Momzillas - the story follows Jill Weber, a mom who, despite being a wealthy Manhattanite, falls short in the estimation of her peers. Like way short.

Cue a lot of kale smoothie and nanny jokes, which ring uncomfortably true. Kargman admits that some of the show's funniest scenes actually happened in real life. 

No spoilers here. You'll have to check out the clip yourself.

I have to say it's about time TV gets another riotous, predominantly female cast. And Kargman is in good company with the likes of Inside Amy Schumer.
At its essence, aside from some really snappy one-liners, Odd Mom has some solid parenting advice: "There is no right answer. There is no rule book," says Kargman. "What happens in your own home is your own fun, and it doesn't have to be some kind of perfect parental utopia." 

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