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New Gush-Worthy Photos of Princess Charlotte

Cute as a button doesn't even cover it


Pst, wanna see a baby picture? Of course you do because baby picture. Doubly so when said picture happens to be of Prince George posing with his one-month-old sister, Princess Charlotte.

Cute as a button doesn't even begin to cover it. (And while we're on the subject of buttons... Buttons aren't cute so what's the deal there? Is this a reference to a button-shaped nose?)

Prince George is all blue knee-socks and sweetness as he cuddles Charlotte, kissing her forehead.


The official Kensington Palace Twitter and Instagram accounts posted the photos this past weekend, though they were taken by Duchess Kate mid-May in the Royal couple's Norfolk country home, where they have been staying since Charlotte's birth.

Needless to say, the images proved popular, garnering some 80K retweets, and some 100K marked as favourites under the #WelcomeToTheFamily hashtag.

And as with her first appearance, Princess Charlotte was again the subject of intense fashion scrutiny, with some complimenting her "dress sense."

Barely a month old and the pint-sized Princess is already a trailblazer. Her frilly body suit - costing a mere £14 ($26) from the High Street store Polarn O. Pyret - has sparked a retail rage. Within hours, the body suit had almost sold out. And get ready to see knee socks (like the £7 ($13) pair from store Amaia) on every toddler in England and beyond.

Refreshingly, the Duchess shared her own photos instead of relying on a professional, furthering her popularity for being 'down to earth' and relatably thrifty.

If babies make you salivate, stay tuned for the next Princess Charlotte photo op at her baptism on 5 July.

Image Source: Instagram

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