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Are THINX the Next Best Thing for Your Period?

Your menstrual future is bright

Isn't it great that the government has finally scrapped the tax on tampons? But what if we didn't even need to buy tampons - ever again? Montrealer Miki Agrawal has a vision for your menstrual future and let me tell you, it's bright.

“Women in our culture don’t want to talk about their periods — most still think about it as crass and disgusting,” says the 36 year-old CEO and founder of THINX, which may just be the most revolutionary undies in the world because they double up as sanitary pads.

And not the kind your grandma wears, either. These knickers not only look hot, but you can be comfortable and not worry about leaks during your time of the month. At $34 for the "heaviest" pair, THINX are cute, lace-trimmed, and more importantly, they promise to absorb as much flow as two tampons' worth.

For many women, having a period cramps - sorry - their style. But according to the United Nations, for some 43 per cent in developing nations, menstruating is actually debilitating because a lack of access to feminine products causes them to miss school or work.

That's downright tragic, not to mention the environmental implications of all those tampon applicators and pads piled high in landfills (the US estimate is said to be around 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons.)

That's a reality manufacturers don't want you to think about, yet one which many of us feel powerless to change. Diva cups are great, but for some of us they just aren't an option. I dread to think how much I've spent on sanitary products in one year, let alone over the course of my life. That's got to be enough for a decent all-inclusive somewhere...

But what if there was a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative that also managed to tick the philanthropic boxes? For every THINX purchased, money goes to Uganda's AFRIPads, the foundation that trains women in developing countries to make and sell reusable pads.

So you can wish along with me that a thoughtful someone had gifted THINX to you this past Mother's Day... Or better still, you can gift them to yourself.

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