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Engaged Couple Gets Sneak Peek of Old Age

What will you look like at 50, 70, 90...


Ever wonder what you or your significant other will look like 20 or even 40 years from now? Well, one couple, set to marry in a month, got an opportunity to get up close and personal with their future selves in this touching video by Field Day.

In "100 Years of Beauty: Aging," Kristie and Tavis put themselves in the eerily capable hands of makeup artists who transformed the pair into their older versions of themselves through various decades.

So many internet experiments feel gimmicky. And what saves this one from a similar fate is the couple themselves and the tender way they react to each other at every stage.

Tavis tells 50 year-old Kristie, "I hope you look like this." Often the footage is playful, with the pair imagining themselves sitting on the PTA and raising teenagers. And Kristie gets a good giggle at 70 year-old Tavis's unruly eyebrows.

But progressively, with more years added on their faces, the experiment takes on an emotional edge, as the couple wonders what they might have gone through together over the course of their years together.

The final frame is a powerful look at what it means to share your life with the same person. Kristie describes the "comfort" that comes from seeing Tavis as an old man, at the very start of their lives together.

"I couldn't be more sure that this is what I want."

Hubby and I - 16 years in - still find it amazing to look at our early photos together (yes, held in actual albums). Back then our skin seemed to glow. There were no wrinkles, no greys. But our smiles are the one constant, the one thing that stays the same... 

I think all couples should probably undergo this sort of makeover before they say "I do." Saying vows while in 90-year-old makeup would certainly makes the long-haul commitment seem more real. 

You tell me: Care to steal a glimpse of your older self, or would you rather not know what the future holds?

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