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'Before and After' Weight Loss Pics Like You've Never Seen

Kicking her own butt


If I had a dollar for every "before" and "after" weight loss shot in which a person stands sideways holding out their giant pants, I'd be a very rich lady. The reality is, I'm not rich. And those "before" and "afters" do little to celebrate the real achievement and change that comes with dramatic weight loss.

Then along came The Beth Project and — bam! — a genre was reinvented.

When Elizabeth Beard began her weight loss journey, she enlisted the help of photographer buddy Blake Morrow. He didn't disappoint. Two years and 150 shed pounds later, the result is far from boring and hackneyed.

“I really didn’t want to do ‘Here’s me in front of a door,’ and two years later ‘Look, more door!” said Beard, who underwent gastric bypass in 2012.

Morrow flexed a creative muscle, depicting Beard in various characters, meshing their mutual love of pop culture, his photographic talent and her theatre background.

The Beth Project was born. Particularly surreal and symbolic is the shot of her kicking her own big butt into shape in the boxing ring. 

While the homages to Frida and Diego, Laurel and Hardy and others are undeniably fun, the photos aren't all dress-up play; they chronicle a woman's life-changing event in a dramatic, if cumbersome, narrative.

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