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WATCH: This Parody of the "Man Cold" is Everything

Bring on the 'Toons and the Neo-Citran


We all know his cold is not the same as your cold. Face it, ladies, you get the sniffles. He's dying a slow and torturous death... This British parody of the 'man cold' phenomenon by Atomic Wedgie will have you nodding and laughing at the same time.

As the Urban Dictionary puts it: the man cold is far from common or harmless. If left untreated ("with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV, or childrens' cartoons") it can practically prove fatal. In their minds, at least. 

So while I leave you to enjoy the video without risk of spoilers, is there actually any truth or hard science behind the "man cold" epidemic?
Do men actually suffer more than women when they get sick? 
Fret not, there have been studies. One -- from the University of Glasgow, involving around 1,700 people -- found that while men and women shared the exact same symptoms, men were more likely than women to exaggerate their response to them.
There you have it. The poor wheezing sneezing bunnies.

I'm more than happy to let him ring the little bell, provided he shows some quid pro quo when it counts. That's the beauty of colds, really. What comes around inevitably rolls around...

Image Source: YouTube

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