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Minecraft Now Portable & About to Become Your Kid's Life

Have Addiction, Will Travel


If you haven't heard of Minecraft,  I don't know what to say to you. Ever since it came onto the larger scene in 2011, the gamer's game is something of a cult for kids of a certain age. And it has its fair share of grown up fans, too.

Some 54 million copies later, Minecraft is a firm parent favourite, touted with developing kids' "math, logic, and readings skills." 

Minecraft Addiction: The Signs and Symptoms Your Child May Need An Intervention

What started out as a game about "breaking and placing blocks" has evolved into a social experience, nary a community landscape, where players work collaboratively to create and dream up cool blocky things (says tech savvy mom).

If your kid is already hooked, then I've got great news for you.
Minecraft is now being made into a wearable item that, for better or for worse, has made the addiction infinitely portable.

With a price tag of $80, the customizable wristband from Now Computing features an LED display and a USB memory chip that contains the entire game. It links to created worlds via the cloud so there's no worry of losing what your kiddo has painstakingly created.

The snag: the Gameband is only compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux computers (not smartphone or gaming consoles).  

Christmas is still months away, kids. Plenty of time to start feeding those hungry piggy banks...  
Image Source: Flickr