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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Baby's Unusual Common Name

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had a daughter three months ago, but until recently the celebrity couple has remained private about their first child together. Reynolds has finally publicly revealed his daughter's name in an interview on the Today Show. 

"It's Butternut Summer Squash," said the 38-year-old Canadian actor—joking of course. "It's James. Everyone knows."

I readily admit I had to backtrack a few sentences to confirm that yes, Reynolds had a daughter and yes, her name is indeed James. Like the names of her parents, James is a unisex name, though not one typically given to girls. Although you can bet, now that the cat is out of the bag and the Reynolds' are doing it, James will top the list of trending girl names for 2015-16.
Unisex names are a funny bunch. While some are equally popular for both girls and boys, most decidedly favour one or the other. Like Ryan tends to be more common for boys, just as Blake is more prevalent in girls. I wonder whether a name that goes against the gender grain leads to increased confusion and bullying at school and beyond... 
Of course anything goes in Hollywood, where Butternut Summer Squash could very well been par for the course. How do such choices fare in the real world, when there are little Apples and Moses running around?
You tell me: What do you think of James as a girl's name? Confusing or destined to catch on?
Image Source: WikiCommons