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Male Bloggers Celebrate Mothers by "Getting Pregnant"

"Three Pregnant Dads" take on a dare with a difference

How do you celebrate the women who give life? If you're one of three guys in their mid-forties, you put yourself in her shoes (or in her pants, as it were) by donning a fake belly to simulate what it's like to be nine months pregnant. Cue Three Pregnant Dads.

The idea was conceived while the British coworkers were working on personalized books for their company, The Book of Everyone, which operates out of Barcelona.

"What if we became pregnant? Or as near as possible," asks their blog, Three Pregnant Dads. "A thought became an idea which turned into a dare, and now there’s no going back."

Indeed. Jonny Biggins, together with work buds Steven Hanson and Jason Bramley, have undertaken to wear the 33-pound belly for an entire month leading up to Mother's Day (celebrated in the UK on 15 March). The team has vowed to document the experience via their Three Pregnant Dads blog.

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The lads must wear the faux belly (complete with faux boobs) when they travel to work, when they're out in public, and even when they're asleep. Bathing is the only time the belly may be removed. Sounds like the perfect recipe for reality TV.

I must give the guys their due. Though there is possibly only one man out there who genuinely knows what it's like to be pregnant, these men are at least putting themselves (and their backs) out to honour all moms "in a way that will be tough, and meaningful." 

Expect a splash of humour and a large dollop of moaning and groaning, huffing and puffing. With any luck, a little empathy will go a long way.

Three Pregnant Dads could very well make other men think twice about what their partners and their own mothers went through, as they navigate a "lite" approximation of what it is to be pregnant. 

The guys should count their lucky stars they don't have to follow through with the actual labour. The rest of us never had the good fortune of taking the suit off...

Check out one of Steve's videos below.