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Suburban Moms Nail Parody of "Uptown Funk"

Suburbs gonna funk you up

Apologies in advance for the ear worm. A new parody of Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" sees a troop of Californian moms lamenting life in the suburbs, and it's guaranteed to get those mom-toes tapping.

A former New Yorker, 40 year-old mom of two Deva Dalporto belted out the catchy tune as a means to "vent her frustration" at living in a sleepy town:
"... where we live is safe and a little boring... Got sneaks on and my yoga pants. Gotta kiss my kids; they're so pretty."
Much like this "Let it Go'" hit parody, Dalporto hits the proverbial nail when it comes to being a middle-class mom—from the trips to Starbucks and box stores to buy in bulk, right down to "we don't walk; we cruise the town in a mini-van."
"Girl Scouts selling cookies. Boys getting all sticky. Mom's on the committee. Suburban funk gonna get to ya..."

And even though Dalporto's version, played out with a little help from her mom posse, is the ultimate in SAHM privilege, I defy you not to chuckle and cringe as you see bit of yourself in the video.

You tell me: Can you relate? Does 'suburban funk' ever get to you?

Image Source: YouTube