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Valentine's Purge: Charity Sells Unwanted Gifts From Exes

Donate Your Heartbreak

Let's face it: Valentine's Day isn't always conversation hearts and red roses. For a lot of people, Love Day blows (and not in a good way). So to the singletons and the recently jilted, I give you “Donate Your Heartbreak.”

The charity website will happily sell unwanted presents from generous exes, putting back the sweet in a relationship gone sour.

Think of it as eBay for lovers.

So raid your drawers. Those fuzzy dice and silk boxers aren't healthy keepsakes. Far better to pay it forward. And judging by some of the gifts on the site—like a $6,000 pair of pearl, onyx, and diamond earrings—love isn't for cheapskates. Those currently in a happy romantic place can expect to bag themselves a bargain, and their partner would be none the wiser.

“They’re really beautiful, but obviously our breakup turned them into a bad memory and I was ready to let them go,” said Rachel Berman, whose earrings are going for a steal at $1,499. And Berman has decided to spin those bad memories into positive ones. Her choice of charity—an animal welfare group—will see 80 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of her gorge earrings.

It's not all jewelry on the so-called cash-for-pain site; there are some random items up for grabs, like a pair of colourful flasks.

“Charities want cash, they don’t want stuff,” said co-founder of Web Thrift Store, Lynn Zises. “We knew there was a good opportunity out there.”

After some relationships, don't you feel you deserve compensation for the wasted time and energy? Not only is the emotional purge gratifying; sellers get a tax break. And it's a lot safer than having a bonfire in your backyard... 

You tell me: what's the worst (and best) gift you've ever received from a lover?