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School Covers Approved Mural of Gay Teens Kissing

Homosexuality is fine "in theory," but not for display?

An Edmonton high school has a bad case of the wishy-washies. Having approved a student mural that features two young men kissing, admins later reneged following complaints and covered up the painting.

Both the principal and art teacher from Onoway Jr/Sr High School gave 16 year-old Kaela Wilton's mural the green light, only to slam on the brakes once the painting was unveiled.

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“Parents kiss and people on the street. It's just natural,” said Wilton, who hoped her painting would encourage gay teens who may be too scared or ashamed to come out.

However, principal James Trodden backtracked once the mural was finished. "There are a bunch of issues … What is appropriate? Should it be in a school, should you allow kissing?" 

Trodden said that since kissing isn't allowed in school hallways, kissing probably shouldn't be featured on its walls. (Ironically no mention of kissing when the mural was initially permitted. It's a little late for officials to be asking themselves what's appropriate after they gave the project their blessing.) 

Would anyone have objected, I wonder, had the painting depicted heterosexuals?

Students at the school smelled the hypocrisy a mile off, and showed their support for Wilton by tearing down the bulletin board temporarily put in place to conceal the painting.

School admins are simply paying lip service to the ideas of acceptance and diversity. When it comes down it, the message they are sending students is that being gay is something to be covered up and hidden away.