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Beyonce's "22 Days Nutrition" Plan Will Leave You Hungry

Can celebrity endorsement translate to healthy and reasonable?

New day, new health/diet celebrity diet. This latest comes from Beyonce, whose 22-day dalliance with veganism in 2013 has naturally evolved into a money-making scheme for her business partner turned personal trainer turned "exercise physiologist" (whatever the hell that is), Marco Borges. 

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It's called 22 Days Nutrition, and the meatless meal plan is guaranteed in 22 days to suck the money out of your wallet and leave you penniless, picking kale out of your teeth for all of eternity. 

Don't get me wrong, Borges's - and by extension Bey's - healthful lifestyle is perfectly admirable. But it's maybe not for you. And it's not for me. 

Rightly or wrongly, we constantly look to celebrities for cues on how to eat and exercise and generally look fabulous all the time, which in itself is a fallacy. After all, these people have hired help—chefs, trainers, all manner of assistants to help them walk and chew gum—so in essence, what they are selling is a product we can't buy. Not least of which, said product is largely based on wacky, what-have-you-been-smoking pseudo-science with no tangible medical or nutritional evidence. (You know where you can put that steam, Gwynie...)

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Want to become vegan? Awesome! Do your homework. Read recipes and cook up your own sensible and satisfying meals. You don't need to order three $16.50 meals a day because Bey or her exercise physiologist say so. It's last straw time. It's think for yourself time.

I have a diet of my own to market. It involves some hard fasting, in which we agree to stop gobbling up all the junk celebrities are feeding us. Instead, we let them stick to what they're good at (making music or movies or whatever)—not telling us what to put into our bodies, how to style our hair or how to raise our kids... 

OK, who's with me?

Image Source: WikiCommons