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A Wedding Proposal to End All Wedding Proposals

Brought to you by the Lovers association of the world, inc.

Whoever thinks that love is dead or romance isn't cool clearly hasn't watched this video. The name Yannick Martin will forever be synonymous with both, after his unique and heart-mushing proposal to his girlfriend in a movie theatre. 

(Of course, that's how most women of the world will feel. Some guys, on the other hand, may curse Martin to eternity for raising the "Will You Marry Me"  bar to staggering heights.)

"I wanted to propose to Bérénice and I always dreamt of making it big," said Montrealer, Martin. "Bérénice loves animation so I decided that it would be really fun to go to the movies."

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And by "big" and "fun" Martin means penning a storyline and hiring an animation studio, Zabelle Inc, to create a customized movie trailer that has all the elements of the perfect love story, then finding a crew to film her reaction and a movie theatre that would agree to air it.
Fortunately for Martin, he pulled it all off and his plan went swimmingly. And I'm sure it won't come as a spoiler: She said yes. 

My own proposal, which happened slapdash over the phone, was the antithesis of romantic. However my husband made up for that transgression by having a painting I once fell in love with in Ottawa (Canada) freighted all the way to London (England) for my birthday. It's still hanging in my dining room, 15 years later. 

You tell me: What's the single-most romantic gesture someone has done for you, proposal or otherwise?

Image Source: YouTube