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Baby in Mom's Purse Sparks Social Media Furor

not the latest must-have accessory

It wasn't a fashion statement. Yet a Chinese mom who took a novel approach to baby carrying faced the wrath of the Internet.

Xue Hsueh may have just been horsing around when she slipped her nine-month-old son inside her designer handbag. But the photo posted on social media by the 26-year-old invited scorn and accusations of Paris Hilton-type stylizing. A baby is not a Chihuahua. A baby is not the latest must-have accessory.
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"I wonder what she will do when the straps break on her handbag?" wrote one user, LucyX.

So much for the passing 'joke' made by Xue and her friend. (The ruse being that this is what childcare would look like if left to men.) 

Remember the baby on the wedding dress train? Remember the dad at the skate park? The internet is quick to jump to conclusions and to point the finger at questionable parenting decisions. Sometimes too quick. 

And perhaps it is testament to our own insecurity as parents that we are so quick to label the glaring missteps of fellow parents. It's pure sanctimommyish behaviour. Like saying: See, I'm a responsible parent. *I* would never do that.

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We'd do better to take a step back and look at the situation from another angle. Context, after all, is everything. So I don't see how the handbag differs from all those Anne Geddes type photos of babies posed inside pumpkins or roasting pans or whatever. 
If the mom actually carried her baby around everywhere in her purse, this would be a different story. And even then, I'm not sure it would be my job to tell it.