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How Robin Williams Made a Prom Dream Come True

the most awesome three minutes of this teen's life

Robin Williams Prom Date

Prom is arguably the biggest night of a teenager's life. What's not to like? You get go all out in a fancy dress, and if you're lucky, you step out with the object of your affections. That feat was a bit tough to pull off for a 17 year-old actor who too busy filming Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb to ask out his dream date in person.

So Skyler Gisondo enlisted the help of some very special friends—namely, his costars Ben Stiller and the now late Robin Williams, plus one—to complete his mission. The actors filmed a hilarious message to 'Hillary' in an attempt to persuade her to be Skyler's prom date.

Of course a few short months later, Williams left this earth, making the footage, which contains his trademark comedic charm, all the more poignant.   Or in Skyler's words: “Robin was this bottomless reservoir of kindness and hilarity… It was just so special to work so closely with this guy who’s movies I’ve grown up with and watch his preparedness and his kindness.”

Fortunately Hillary said "yes," but no wonder; who could say no to such a fun prom-posal?

Like Skyler, I was lucky—I too had a friend do the dirty work of setting up my prom date. He was too shy; I was too shy. The actual date was in a word: awkward. We looked great together, admittedly, but the conversation was strained and monosyllabic. The sparks did not fly as I'd hoped. And that, sadly, was that.

“I realized that was the most awesome three minutes of my life and I’ve accepted it will go downhill from there,” Skyler said.

Let's hope not - for Skylar's sake.

If you went to prom, did it live up to the hype?