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Mom's Whitney Houston Lullaby Goes Viral

But is baby beside the point?

What's a mom to do when her baby wakes up in the middle of the night? Well, you comfort her and maybe sing a lullaby. And if you're Kimberly Henderson from South Carolina, you make sure press RECORD first, then you belt out Whitney Houston as though you're a contestant on Idol.

"I don't even know where to start," said Henderson. "I uploaded it to Facebook and everybody just started sharing the c*** out of it. And then the radio station in Seattle uploaded it and it's gotten like 4 million views."

And Henderson confessed she almost didn't upload the footage because she claimed she looked "awful."

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Notwithstanding the fact that Ms Henderson has a beautiful voice (even in the middle of the night), it's riling that the first instinct in any parenting situation—yes, even a crisis—is get it on film. Did your tot do something outrageous or funny or downright terrible? Get it on YouTube, pronto. 

Why must all those precious and previously intimate moments between mom and babe turn into a live broadcast? When all the world's a stage, you could say I have a lingering case of stage fright. 

Henderson is a talented singer, and by all means she should record her soulful version of 'How Will I Know.' The song is beautiful, as is the singing. So is this simply a case of the moment being lost to the medium? Has the sheer number of viral video caused us to become jaded over what probably should have just been a private moment?

To each their own, and power to you if you like to record yourself singing to your children. I just can't help but wonder if we all need to see what goes on in nurseries around the world, as uploaded to YouTube.