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50 Strands of Grey: Why "Girls" Star Went Grey on Purpose

Why Zosia Mamet is Rocking Grey Hair

I'm not big on beauty trends. In fact, I'm basically oblivious to fashion, but there is one new look that I really hope sticks. Though the "Girls" actress is only 26, Zosia Mamet decided to dye her then platinum-blonde hair a bold shade of... grey.

Wait, what? I know! Entire aisles in pharmacies are devoted to purging women of a certain age of grey, and here is this young thing consciously embracing the inevitable. Except that she probably didn't have a single solitary grey strand on her head in the first place.

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Though it's kind of cruel irony that Mamet is dyeing her hair to achieve what many women put off for as long as possible, I'm secretly crossing every body part I own in the hopes that she and fellow "gray-haired" celebs Dascha Polanco and Tori Spelling make grey groovy, if only for a limited time.

"I got bored," admitted Mamet. Like so many of us, she wanted to switch up her colour. Her stylist poo-pooed the idea of violet as "too childish." And so the actress finished with "antique grey," which US Magazine, somewhat scathingly, referred to as "granny-chic."

Mamet bravely flaunted her new look at the A Most Violent Year premiere in New York City recently. Her inspiration came from the strangest place: public transit.

"I would often be on the subway and see girls with various hair colours and be super envious of that colour," said Mamet. "So I just decided that I wanted to do the colours that I always wanted."

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While I think her hair looks stunning, I'm nowhere near ready to "let it go" (grey). I remember the first time I glimpsed my mother after she bravely made the choice to quit colouring. I admit it was a shock. Her hair looked radiant, shiny and so much thicker. But, well, she did look a lot older.

Overnight she became a granny in society's eyes. She became 'ma'am.' She wasn't quite prepared to be offered pensioner discounts when she went to the movies. She wasn't prepared for that look—you know the almost withering one, that keeps us racing back to the salon or the pharmacy at the first sign of regrowth. 

Let's hope that Mamet makes at least some of us think twice before running.