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This is How You Pack a Suitcase

Wrap it up; you're outta here

packing a suitcase like a burrito

If you're headed out on a trip any time soon, either for the holidays or to some tropical paradise, well, lucky you. But a word of caution: you may want to watch this video before you go and screw up while packing your suitcase.

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For everyone who's been ironing and carefully folding only to find the contents a wrinkled, jumbled mess upon arrival, I have good news for you. The answer is in bundle wrapping, which is kind of like swaddling for your clothes. 

In this popular video courtesy of NBC, shows you how to form the perfect "garment burrito" beginning with undergarments and socks before moving on to other items like shirts and jackets. Of course, as viewers point out, this may work wonders for the solo business(man) traveller. But what about the rest of us?

I can see that this option would work if you were headed to a single destination—and could unpack the nest and hang items immediately—and not on the move each day as I did on a recent vacation. Also, if you choose to bundle, just cross your digits and pray that the TSA or equivalent doesn't decide to choose your luggage for a spot search.

My other half is meticulous about his ironing and vac-packing. Me, I'm just too damn lazy to be bothered. Typically I'm a roller, which is the favoured packing method of the military, apparently. And if anyone knows efficiency, it's the military. 

You tell me: What's your packing style? Will you try the burrito?