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The Dirtiest Thing in Your Home (It's Not Where You Poop)

A Nightmare on germ street

Think your toilet seat is the dirtiest thing in your house? Think again. The good people at Buzzfeed Blue have been a gross-out reconnaissance mission. They have drawn on the results of a microbiology study from the University of Arizona in which researchers swabbed common household items to find those with the most bacteria per square inch. 

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The results are surprising, and more than a little horrifying, to say the least.

We all know that cutting boards and keyboards harbour germs galore. But the most bacteria-infested spots in your house aren't the obvious ones.

I don't consider myself a hard core germophobe by any stretch, and to some extent I credit my laissez faire attitude with my family's robust health. 

Yet, though I have happily abided by the five-second rule for years, after this video I'm thinking I need to up my hygiene game at home. Starting with this itty bitty insidious item.

Imagine, something you use to clean your body being so unspeakably filthy... Oh, the irony! 

You tell me: Got any tried-and-tested tips for ridding your place of bacteria?

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