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Oh, the Things We Learned from Solange's All-White Wedding

Queen B took a back seat to a Regal Solange this past saturday

Solange wedding, beyonce

Yesterday afternoon, while we were all drowning in laundry and Sunday afternoon lunch-box anxiety, Solange Knowles (you know, Beyoncé's sister) married her long-time boyfriend, music video director Alan Ferguson, in a très chic New Orleans ceremony.

It was fabulous because anything less is just not the Knowles way.

Here's what we learned from the wedding:

1. Limos are out. So are Rolls Royces, horse-drawn carriages, and even taxi cabs. Instead, Solange and Alan rode white-painted bicycles to their wedding and still managed to arrive looking flawless. Now I know what formal pantsuits are for.

2. Capes are no longer just for vampires and super heroes. You can also throw one over your pantsuit when cycling around town. Or add more than a touch of drama to your run-of-the-mill bridal gown with a floor-length cape. In fact, why stop there? I'm thinking a cape is the perfect cover for sweeping extra goodies into my big purse this holiday season.

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3. When Solange asks all her guests to wear white, the overall effect is stunning. But everyone else should still err on the side of not making your wedding ceremony look like a cult initiation. How did Solange accomplish this feat? I can't get three people in this house to all show up at the dinner table wearing pants.

4. Now this is how a wedding picture should be done. (Apologies to the photographer who insisted all the groomsmen pick me up off the ground for a "fun" shot.)

Finally, looking at Beyoncé, I have to concede that the awkward mid-calf dress length really is back in - and just when I finally rounded out my maxi dress collection, too.


Image Source: Instagram

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