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Mom Designs Sweetest Dress Ever

4,000 Skittles, 200 Hours, 90 Tubes of glue

Dress made out of skittles

Still drowning in Halloween candy? You could do this with all those goodies or you always can, er, wear them. A beautician from England got a little candy creative, designing a completely utilitarian dress out of Skittles—4,000 of them.

Sarah Bryan took her inspiration from a themed contest with the theme "sweet like bea." The rest is colourful history.

“After hours of thinking of ideas while I sat and watched my daughter play in the garden with her multicolored balls, they looked like Skittles and it just came to me!” said the 26-year-old mom who spent nearly 200 hours and 90 tubes of glue painstakingly sticking the little candies onto the dress. Bryan took care not to repeat the colours.

“Often my eyes would go funny and I would see Skittles everywhere!,” said Bryan. But the result speaks for itself. The rainbow dress may be heavy, fashioned with three joined pieces, but it's fully functional. It's already been worn to various clubs and photo shoots.

And even though Bryan hopes to get the attention of famously outrageous fashionistas, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, her primary motive is auction the dress to raise money for cancer research. 

“She was the only one who didn't give up on me,” Bryan said of her late foster mom, who lost her battle with lymphoma.  “So a portion of money raised will go to [cancer research] and the rest to other charities.”

At least is mystery solved: no wonder my son didn't get any Skittles trick-or-treating this year! 

I love mad fashion, especially when it's for a good cause. And at least candy is fairly innocuous, unlike say, meat or fur. Fans of Perry and Gaga, how sweet would it be to see one of them buy and wear the Skittle dress? Go get out your social media savvy and make it happen.

Here, we thought this dress brought crafting to new levels of crazy.