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Someone Please Tell Jimmy Kimmel This Isn't Funny

Triggering Tantrums for laughs

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Prank On Kids

Jimmy Kimmel's at it again. For some reason the talk show host wasn't taken aside in years past and told that his "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" prank wasn't even funny the first time around. Nor was it worth repeating. But alas, some willing parents rose to Kimmel's challenge and conned their unsuspecting kids into believing that mommy and daddy ate all their hard-earned loot while they were asleep.

And for the third year running, the kids predictably released their inner demons for the camera. Most simply broke down, sobbing and incredulous, while a token few took the slight into their stride.

“All of it?" said one little boy. "Every single bite? You must have a belly ache.” 

Another asked her mom why she didn't just "eat an apple" instead? 

The reaction of some tots turned as ugly as the monsters they embodied at Halloween a few days ago. Some swore and threw things. Some cursed their parents. Funny, right? I wonder how these moms and dads felt watching a clip of their children on TV raging for the nation's amusement. 

Kimmel, surely you can do better. The gag comes off as mean and kind of pointless. It's cheap entertainment at the kids' expense, at least it does to me. But as long as parents keep sending in their videos—as long as audience keeps laughing—he will carry on with the lame tradition. 

You tell me: Is Kimmel's Halloween candy prank actually funny?

Was this prank by college kids tantamount to harassment?