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Fashion Trend: Women Wearing Men's Undies

Equal Rights In All Things?

Unisex is a good thing, no? I personally rejoice at the sight of uni public toilets, because it means I won't have to wait in line while guys get to waltz in, do their thing, and waltz out again. Now that unisex is transferring to fashion, this could be a wonderful thing, or it could be disastrous, depending on whose shorts you're wearing. 

In the UK, women are buying out the men's undies section at Marks & Spencer. Not necessarily for their brothers, boyfriends, husbands, or sons, but quite possibly for their personal, comfy consumption.

An estimated half of men's underwear sales are by women. And even if the ladies aren't wearing their man's briefs, they are certainly snapping up M&S's lingerie line by David Gandy, which consists of fancy-looking boxers that can be safely worn by either sex. As a former ex-pat, I confess a deep and unwavering love of M&S's underwear section. I still beg for travellers to send me back their boy shorts, which are then worn until the greying, fraying point. 

And M&S isn't the only one who has caught on to the fact that many women are over thongs and want to opt for comfort, at least when it comes to loungewear and sleepwear. 

Calvin Klein caught wind, and apparently reissued a style from the early '90s under the hashtag #mycalvins. People are clearly emotionally attached to their undies. American Apparel have been selling their Y-fronts to the masses, while the Swedish retailer, Acne, also sells “gender-neutral” underwear "for real kids and not models.” In other words, many women want undies that don't leave half of their butt cheeks hanging out. 

Of course, for dudes the idea of her prancing around in your Y-fronts may not hold quite the same sex appeal as her sauntering around your apartment in, say, nothing but your rumpled white work shirt. 

On this subject my husband and I are forever at an impasse. I lay down the gauntlet, challenging anyone to show me undies that are at once incredibly sexy and incredibly comfortable. (And no, I don't mean the frilly French ones, either. They may offer more coverage, but all that frou-frou isn't comfortable.) The closest I've seen are made by Calvin, and even they fall somewhat short of Bridget Jones's enormous granny "knickers."

You tell me: ever coveted your man's undies?

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