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Couple With A Dozen Boys Hopes For Baby Girl

Can she be lucky 13?

Many parents like to round out the family with both daughters and sons. After a few rounds, though, most people eventually concede that it's not meant to be. A couple from Michigan is not giving up that easily—after conceiving 12 boys, Jay and Kateri Schwandt and their sons are crossing their multitudinous fingers and toes that lucky 13 will be a baby girl.

"If we were to have a girl, I think we would go into shock," said Kateri Schwandt, who welcomed her 12th son in 2013. "It would probably be disbelief."

Though the Schwandts would love to welcome a girl into the fold, fortunately they aren't too hung up on the baby's sex, provided he—or she—is born healthy.  

It's hard to imagine what injecting a little girl into a home with that much testosterone would feel like. It goes without saying that mom would appreciate another female around, yet even she claims that there is a certain comfort in sticking with what she knows.

"A little girl would be neat to have in the house, but a little boy kind of takes the pressure off," Kateri said. "We know what we are doing. Why change things up?"

You won't be surprised to hear that the Schwandts are devout Roman Catholics, hence the lack of birth control. While I agree with her that being pregnant is a "special" experience, I cannot even fathom being pregnant for half of my life (not to mention labouring a dozen times)! 

As mentioned in this last post, I was happy to learn ahead of time that I was expecting a boy. There was no lingering disappointment whatsoever on my part, just a momentary period of adjustment, because as an only child to a single mother, boys seemed a pretty alien concept to me. 
Now I know for sure that my concerns were unfoundedchildren are all perfectly wonderful and individual in their own right. Had I had more babies, I wouldn't have paid a thought to the sex.
You tell me: did having a boy or a girl change the dynamic in your home?