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What Really Goes On When Actors Film A Sex Scene

Hint: It's the Opposite of Sexy (and Obviously NSFW)

Talk about a passion killer. Released footage from Joe Carnahan's movie Stretch proves just how unsexy filming a sex scene can be in the biz. The behind-the-scenes, under-the-sheets clip of actors Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson sees them spritzed with fake sweat. There's music pumping and much cackling going on in between takes. 

I've heard tales about porn being very, shall we say, perfunctory and business-like, yet for some reason I had been willing to suspend my disbelief for Hollywood. But these are professionals, after all.  

Some sex scenes are truly hot, especially when the actors have on-screen chemistry. (Hello 9 1/2 Weeks!) But I have to say, this clip has officially ruined it for me. And it's testament to the skill and focus the actors have to be able to snap in and out of the 'action' amidst such distractions.

But does all this spectacular acting raise a bigger question. Do you worry that with increasingly graphic sex scenes being featured in movies and on television, we're setting up an unrealistic impression of sex for our kids?

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