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Why George Clooney's New Wife Is An Amazing Catch

He's got a keeper in Alamuddin

George Clooney Marries Amul Alamuddin

You may have heard there was a big famous wedding going on in Venice over the weekend. Lots of stars were there, yada yada. Yet the groundbreaking part of the ceremony had nothing to do with the fact that George Clooney, aka Tinseltown's most eligible bachelor, finally tied the knot. It was the first time in history—my living history, at least—that a 'civilian' bride stole the headlines.

This viral article spun it beautifully with the headline, "Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor." Just an actor. Reader, I laughed out loud. What a refreshing scene to witness all the photos of besotted George hovering in the background, literally hanging in Alamuddin's shadow. 

The 36-year-old Londoner is a barrister and high-profile litigation attorney in international refugee and human rights law who secured her own reputation without having to lean on any man. And now that she has taken up with Clooney, it is he who has to share the limelight with her

Gorgeous and possessing a razor-sharp intellect, Alamuddin by all accounts is the ultimate career woman, with a list of credentials as impressive as it is socially responsible. Though schooled at Oxford and New York University School of Law, it's her work on the panel for Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (which investigates sexual crimes committed in conflict zones) that is truly impressive.
To boot, Alamuddin has great style. And though it would be easy to hate her for snagging George, she's just too cool and too inspirational for that.
As this article reports, this actor "is probably a nice man, but seems a bit clingy . . . We only hope he doesn’t hold her back from conquering the world. We think this George Clooney fellow has scored big time."

We can't help but agree.