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Kids Do A 'Bend Test' On The New iPhone 6

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You've heard all the hoopla over the new iPhone 6s bending. Well, a couple of kids took it upon themselves to act as 'testers,' because, you know, they owed it to the world to see if the rumours were true. So, Kylie and Danny sallied into an Apple store and began deliberately bending phones. For kicks. And, of course, being 2014, they filmed and shared their escapades on Reddit. 

The young men not only shot each other's faces and called each other by name, they posted their forays into vandalism. Though they eventually clued into deleting the footage, a mirror version captured their own #bendgate.

With the new phones retailing at $649 off-contract, the daft duo wrecked at least four 6s in the space of four minutes. That's $2,500-worth of criminal damage, or a whole lot of paper rounds.

The really warped (pun notwithstanding) part of the story is that the boys seemed to realize what they were doing was tantamount to criminal damage, but act like they are performing a public service and should be thanked for their valiant efforts. 

"I don’t even care to be honest, because it’s Apple’s fault,” said one of the kids in the video. Seriously? This is a worrying train of logic. It starts innocuously enough, with maybe some littering and 'lite' vandalism, because there's this assumption that it's someone else's job to clean/fix it up, so it doesn't matter.

Kids need to learn early on that if we don't want our world to look like a cesspit, we all have to keep it from looking like a cesspit. I hope it's not too late to inject a healthy respect for personal property in these young men. Never say never. 

You tell me: How would you see them made accountable for their actions?

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