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In Need of A Cuddle? This New App Can Help

Fulfilling a Basic Need or an open invitation to stalkers?

Cuddlr App

What's the world coming to? (And you know you're officially over the hill when you start saying things like, 'What's the world coming to?') Such is society's disconnect, Cuddlr, a new smartphone app facilitates no strings attached snuggle sessions between strangers.

Since popular apps like Tinder and Grindr help users hook-up at the touch of a button, it was clearly time for a platonic version.

Introducing Cuddlr: the "location-based social-meeting app for cuddling." Simply log in, upload pictures of yourself and provide your location, then send a cuddle request to someone who takes your fancy.

From there on the process gets old fashioned, with the parties getting in contact within 15 minutes of the request to arrange a cuddle session. The app then helpfully guides you to the other person's location. Once the cuddle happens, users can rate it with a star for a truly stellar spooning session, or flag it for "inappropriate behaviour."

Cuddlr, depending on what side of the bed you're on, is either an innovative, cut-to-the-chase means to get your cuddle on, or a cold Houellebecq prophesy comes true. Or somewhere in between.
"We're not getting the right type of contact often enough; we don't give and get enough hugs," say Cuddlr's developers. "Hooking up is certainly not always a bad thing, but there's definitely an under-explored time and a place for a more gentle, no-pressure intimacy, and that's what Cuddlr aims to help with."

I can't decide whether Cuddlr is part of the problem or part of the solution. As a society we are more connected and yet more isolated than ever. The very fact that there exists a bit of software to help us fulfil a basic human need (affection) is tragic. The reality is, it's hard to meet people in a conventional sense. And such apps are met with the same trepidation as internet dating sites once were. But how many of us know or have met our significant other online? I know quite a few couples, now happily married, who met this way.

So who knows, maybe Cuddlr—stalker concerns notwithstanding—will ultimately become the next frontier in dating. Then again, it could open the floodgates of crazy. Personally, I'm not a hugger. The thought of cuddling a total stranger freaks me out, but maybe that's just me.

Cuddlr is available now for users 17+ on iTunes.

You tell me: Is Cuddlr offering a creepy or cool service?

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