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Ladies, You May Wish To Reconsider Buying The New iPhone 6

"Will it fit in my pocket?"is The $300 question

Some people are saying the new iPhone 6 Plus may not be a good fit—literally—for women. Sexist drivel or a legitimate concern? You see, the new model is large, possibly too large to fit comfortably in woman-sized pockets and woman-sized hands.

Ridiculous as it may sound, such pragmatics could actually curb sales of the iPhone 6 Plus, or at least lead to a lot of bitching by women whose phones keep dropping out of their back pockets.

At 5.5 inches, the latest model is rather long and sleek. Yet if the phone ultimately doesn't fit, many will think twice about buying it. Or will they be too dazzled by the new, supposedly stellar iOS 8 software and amazing camera and video options to care? 

Even the regular iPhone 6 is bigger than the 5 and 5S. And as we all know, size does matter. No matter how groovy the features, a phone that's always dropping or slipping out of your hands grows tired fast.

So sure, women use handbags and purses a lot of the time and this obviates the whole question of practicality (unless you are an aficionado of the very tiny handbag). But I don't know about you. I often slip my phone into a back jeans pocket or even a coat pocket when I'm just dashing out to walk the pup. 

Then there's the question of working out. If you listen to music on your phone, then all bets are off for strapping the 6 to your arm for a run.

And according to one article, size is a bona fide concern right now with shoppers asking Apple reps the three hundred-dollar question: "Will it fit in my pocket?"
"Women may not be so lucky with the new iPhones," wrote Bustle blogger Abby Johnston. "There are two possible solutions here: Bigger pockets for jeans. Or smaller phones. What’ll it be, world?"
Apple, what gives?

You tell me: would the size put you off getting the new 6 and 6 Plus?