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Mom Has Funniest Response To Breastfeeding Shame

A very crafty solution

The next time you have to whip out your breast in public to feed your hangry baby, conjure yourself some Heather Cushman-Dowdee and laugh your way through your apprehension.

Whether you find yourself suddenly needing to nurse in Tim Hortons, or even Victoria's Secret, the funny mom of four and creator of Hathor the Cowgoddess Comics has the perfect response to all that passive aggressive criticism and stranger stink eye in the form of "Very Crafty."  

I only wish the cover-up, and the baby beanie for that matter, featured in "Crafty" was manufactured and widely available to buy. A comic isn't enough. It's high time we moms, who have every legal right to breastfeed in public, turn the shame on the shamers. 

(Incidentally, the cover-up reminds me of those awful aprons—you know the ones: of a busty lingerie-clad woman meant to be worn by very *funny* middle-aged barbecuing men.) 

If you're reading this, Heather, this is a Kickstarter project waiting to happen. I know for a fact it would have lots of support. But please for the love of Len don't make the damn things out of felt. Breastfeeding moms have enough discomfort to deal with without having a coarse material grating on our soft breast-skin.   

Until the fine day that "Very Crafty" cover-ups are mass produced (or, better yet, we stop needing them altogether), you can settle for the T-shirt or canvas bag. 

Spill it: Have you ever been asked to cover up or relocate when breastfeeding? How did you react?