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Jen Lawrence, Kate Upton and All Those Hacked Naked Photos

(or that time I sort of agreed with Ricky Gervais)

While the rest of us were panicking and foraging the aisles of Staples for last-minute school supplies, some bored soul hacked into Apple iClouds containing hundreds of nude photographs (some previously deleted) of female celebrities, among them released images of actress Jennifer Lawrence and supermodel Kate Upton. 

Obviously reps for Lawrence and Upton were freaking out, promising heavy legal action for what was "a flagrant violation of privacy.” It was. Of course Ricky Gervais being Ricky Gervais couldn't resist the chance to pack a punchline:

"Celebrities make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from the computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer," he wrote then promptly deleted the tweet after J Law's fans ripped him a new one.

Gervais would be the first to admit he's a bit of an idiot, yet (and I can't believe I'm typing this) I kind of agree with him on this one. After all, it's Murphy's Law 101, not to mention a big fat cliche: you take a nudie, nudie gets into the wrong hands. Some Paris Kardashian types even bank on the phenomenon of the nudie or sex tape going public.

I don't condone hacking. Hackers are the lowest form of life. Yet if I was already a bona fide famous person like Jen or Kate, I'd think twice about snapping such photos (and vids) or at the very least have in place the most insane cyber security celebrity money can buy. 

The computer may be my livelihood but I don't trust my smartphone as far as I can throw it. At least Polaroids could be thrown into the fire pit and turned to ash. But files have more lives than Felix the cat. 

And speaking of cats... Years ago, one of my husband's colleagues whipped her phone out to share some photos of Fluffy with a couple of the guys in the office. Suffice to say, she scrolled too quickly and alighted on a photo of another kind of cat, intended only for her boyfriend's eyes.  
As cautionary tales go, that one was pretty effective.