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'Ignore No More' App Locks Smartphone Until Kid Calls Home

Cool or coercive concept?

If you panic when your kids go out and 'forget' to call you, fret not. This app is for you. 'Ignore No More' was created by Texan mom, Sharon Standifird, who discovered a surefire way to get her teen to call home—lock his phone.

According to an article in Buzzfeed, 'Ignore' is currently on Androids on Google Play for just $1.99, and will soon be available on iPhones, too.

By simply tapping their child's name on the app, a concerned parent can—as if by black magic—lock their kid's smartphone until a certain preassigned number(s) is called or texted.

“It takes away texting, it takes away the gaming, it takes away calling their friends,” said Standifird. “The child will always be able to call 911.” 

Standifird spent months consulting with the app's developers. It seems even her son, Bradley, is a fan. “Well, I thought it was a good idea,” he said, “but for other people, not me.”

'Ignore No More' is a pretty cheap price to pay for peace of mind for parents of teens. Or is it a bit too sly and coercive for your tastes?

Would you use an app like this?

If you have a teen at home, you know there is no shortage of things to worry about—and this app is one of them.