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Blind Boy's Blues Performance Will Blow Your Mind

Canada's very own guitar hero

This young Quebec boy may have been born blind, but he has no reason to sing the blues after a video showcasing his amazing musical ability quickly went viral. Little Felix performed BB King's "Every Day I Have the Blues" in his pyjamas while at a camp run by the Quebec Foundation for the Blind.

Three months premature, Felix suffered from retinal detachment, which caused him to be born blind. Yet the condition hasn't dampened his passion for music. 

According to an interview with his step-dad, Charles Bertrand, on Right This Minute, Felix taught himself to play guitar at age six. Assuming they'd left the radio on in the kitchen, his parents stumbled upon the boy's immense talent quite by accident.

Prepare to be blown away by this remarkable performance. Looks like Canada has another Jeff Healey on its hands.




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