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Irishman Uses Social Media To Trace The One That Got Away

#loveatfirstsight or stalker material?

Ever met someone in passing—someone to which you felt an immediate, unusually powerful connection—only to let that person slip through the cracks? Did you kick yourself afterwards? Not content to let bygones be bye or gone, an Irishman harnessed the power of social media to track down the young lady he met on a flight.

According to an article in CBC, after Jamie Kelly lost sight of the pretty woman he connected with on his way from Barcelona to Dublin, he and his friends began a media campaign to find her using the hashtag #loveatfirstflight. 
Kelly even appeared on Irish national radio searching for his Cinderella.

“I originally looked for her Facebook and couldn't find her," said Kelly. "And I went to the airline and they couldn't do anything for me. So then I went on the [Ray] D’Arcy show today and they couldn't find her.” 

Eventually word got out, all the way to Nova Scotia, where Katie Moreau admitted she was equally infatuated with her seat mate. 

"We had lots in common plus he was very easy on the eyes,” said Moreau, who claimed she didn't search hard for Kelly after they became separated through customs because she didn't want to seem "too desperate."

Following the media fanfare, the pair has been corresponding online and have plans to get together IRL. 

Sweet or stalker? Do you buy into love at first sight?

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