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Jenny McCarthy's Son Was Right To Call Cops On Her

Some rules are not for breaking

Jenny McCarthy doesn't do herself any favours, does she? When she isn't talking junk about vaccines, The View co-host is talking trash on her Sirius radio show, 'Dirty Sexy Funny.' But I fail to find anything sexy or remotely funny about having your 12-year-old call the cops on you.

According to an article in Jezebel, McCarthy poked fun of her “rule follower” son Evan for ratting her out to police.

“We're driving in the car and of course I text and drive," she reportedly told listeners on Sirius. "He called the police on me and said, 'My mom is texting and driving right now.' True story."

She should be thanking her son for potentially saving both their lives; instead, she apparently threw his phone out the window. 

There goes McCarthy, lowering the mom bar yet again. So cool. 

I wonder if Jenny McCarthy has seen this video...