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Photographer Helps Children Fight Back Against Monsters

bring on the bogeyman

Is your child afraid of the monster under the bed? How about the one lurking in the closet? Tell your kids that ghouls and goblins aren't real—yeah, good luck with that. Try as we might, we can't always allay the intense fears our kids face. So why not arm them against those fictional beasts? 

According to an article in Huffington Post, French photographer Laure Fauvel empowered the children in her series "Terreurs" against various imaginary demons. And these photographs—depicting kids in PJs bravely slaying all kinds of cowering bogeymen—brilliantly subverts fear. 

"I wanted to show children who aren’t scared of monsters and who are able to fight them and be stronger than [their] fears," said Fauvel. 

Some old fears die hard. Excuse me while I superimpose my face on that of the child in the spider photo...
What are your kids afraid of? How do you help them face up to their terrors? 
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