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Husband Documents Wife's Excuses With 'Sex Spreadsheet'

Was it fair for this Husband to document the extent of his sexual rejection?

What's your go-to excuse for refusing sex? One man who'd been spurned one too many times devised a clever (so he thought) spreadsheet, detailing how many times he'd seen—and been denied—intercourse over the course of almost two months. 

According to an article in the Daily Dot, his outraged wife naturally shared the document on Reddit. But the move kind of backfired on her, as of course many men of the internet banded to the jilted, unlaid husband's defense.

Sex in marriage is a tricky thing, especially once children enter the picture. There is daily exhaustion experienced on a never-before-seen scale. 

Sex may be a conjugal right, but that's not to say it's mandatory to give it to your partner every time they request it. Nor, conversely, it is fair to relentlessly withhold sex either. Problems arise when libidos aren't on the same sheet, so to speak. 

Apparently said Husband served Wife with the spreadsheet, highlighting the fact that he wouldn't miss her during a 10-day work trip because over the course of seven weeks, and 27 sexual initiations, only three were 'successful.'

OK, so Wife admits this behaviour is unprecedented for her Husband, and also "bitter, immature, full of hatred.” A spreadsheet ticks all of said boxes (as does sharing it on Reddit for that matter). 

Was it fair for Husband to document the extent of his sexual rejection?

But just sometimes Redditors come to the rescue in the most breathtaking way.