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The 7-Year-Old Who Became A Real Princess Overnight

The jewel in his crown

A little girl from Virginia can now wear her tiara proudly. Emily Heaton is now a bona fide princess, thanks to her father's curious real estate acquisition.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Jeremiah Heaton wanted his princess' dreams come true so he scoured the planet until he found a plot of land which he could stake his family's claim.

Cue Bir Tawil, an 800 square-mile patch between Egypt and Sudan that was been the subject of a centuries-old land dispute. It is one of the last remaining unclaimed areas in the world.

In June, Heaton ventured into the desert and staked his kid-designed 'Heaton kingdom' flag.

Of her new title, Princess Emily can only utter that "it's cool." 

It remains dubious whether Egyptian and Sudanese officials will recognize the new nation, which aims to establish an "agricultural hub" that will help feed people in the region. 

Apparently no one wants Bir Tawil because accepting it would, according to old treaties, assume that nation relinquished the more desirable and "resource-rich" are of Halai'b.

There you have it.

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